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Billion Million
Manufacturer and Distributor of Tiolet Tissue, Tissue Paper, Hand Towel, Napkin, Facial Paper, Paper Cone Cup, Hand Soap, Aerosoal, Toilet Vending Machine. Dispatching and set-up servicing all around Bangkok Metropolitan Region (Bangkok and Boundary Districts)
Our History
Billion Million Trading Co. Ltd.

Billion Million was established in 1984 as a trading company which targeted to cleaning appliance market, particularly to governmental organisation and business customer. In a few years, we became to be one of well-known companies in such field of business owing to the fact that our product is not only superior quality, but we also keep in mind our service to customer impression is our priority.

To improve our factory and extend our product line in tissue paper, we revised and increased company's funds with the department of business development of Thailand. Toilet paper vending machine, premium product,  and paper cup were added to our product list. This improvement could also enhance our company's reliability and trust from oversea company which can be built up into a long-term relationship later.

We are eager to invest into research and development department , because of our care, it is necessary for us to continually expand our capability in providing  the best products and services. Moreover, we have created our innovation , such as, supply chain management and product manufacturing to reach international standard. It is always in our mind that our product and  business must be clean for end-consumer’s health , healthy for customer’s business and friendly to environment.

Parts of Our Achievements
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