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Because We Care...

Our Mission and Vision "Because We Care"

To deliver the most satisfaction to our customer, our product will be filled up by value in every process. As our manufactured article  is cleaning product in everyday use, we spend closely attention to product purity as the most important mission; thus, R&D department will be invested to develop and apply new technology to maintain  high standard manufacturing quality. Eventually, we aim to provide product which lead our customer, end-user and society to have better quality of life.

We always work hard to deliver comfort to consumers, end users and customers – every day. This means that we do everything we can with tissue, hand towel, napkins, facial paper to make people’s everyday life as simple and convenient as possible. For us, comfort means reliability and high product quality and performance. Comfort is also peace of mind knowing that our products are safe and our operations are sustainable.

"Because We Care " our slogan to show how our management team give precedence to. Every employees are trained to provide the most satisfactory to our customers in any aspects, such as providing correct product information, developing high quality product to the market for better live, finding the better resources for save customer's cost, leveling up after-sell service and maintenance.

With our capability, it is our confidence that we can be a leader in tissue paper and cleaning product market. We promise not to stop developing in both inside and outside our company in order to enhance product and services, and eventually reach our ultimate goal, the most satisfaction from all customers.

Why choose Billion Million?
  • Faithful and sincere service is our ultimate commitment
  • We choose only the best materials to lead the best quality product
  • Competitive price in the market which reduces your company's cost
  • Environment friendly product and company
  • Our staffs are well-trained to provide efficient service
  • Fast shipment with excellent after-sell support

Correct Toilet Tissue Paper Product
  • Choice of virgin pulp and recycle pulp made with 1-2 ply of paper
  • Manufacturing by high technology machineries in clean room to deliver merely purified product
  • Product from virgin pulp has not bleached with any chemical substance; consequently, fluorescence which causes cancer skin, is not exist
  • Correct Tissue Paper has low wet strength and quickly disintegrate to avoid a congested sewage system
More than 2000 buildings around Bangkok choose Correct Hand Towel
  • Made from thick paper, maximising level of water absorbancy
  • Save labour cost and time to clean drops of water on toilet. Dispenser is designed for convenient replacement
  • Better image for institution. Hand towel is regarded as the finest aspect to dry hand after cleaning. Much better than hand brower, fabric towel carbinet
IOK Premium Facial Paper for advertisement
  • Well-worth economical advertisement
  • Effective segmentation and targeting your customer for better marketing result
  • Increasing more appeal to your advertisement as irrefusable marketing tools
  • Cost-controllable by adjusting sheets of paper
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