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Using right tissue paper can save huge costs

The demand for and consumption of tissues is mainly found in urban areas, including Bangkok and the metropolitan area. Many Thai consumers do not use different types of tissue and hygiene products such as tissues and toilet paper just for their intended purpose. Many people, especially those living in rural areas, do not mind using toilet paper for other purposes in addition to toilet use. As a result, some of them use toilet paper as a substitute for tissue products. The main factor of this choice cannot be anything else but “cost”.

Generally, tissue paper can categorised into 4 type by its usage and purpose. First of all, toilet tissue is the most commodity in the toilet. Often, we can see this type of tissue paper in cylindric dispenser on dinning table in most of local restaurants in Thailand. However, the main purpose of this paper is to wipe and clean after defecation. The main characteristic of this type should be soft  and most important must be easily decayed when it gets wet to avoid getting stuck in the toilet.

Secondly, facial tissue is one of tissue paper types, we use to wipe and clean on facial surface. Apparently, this paper is in the rectangular box which there are pieces of folded paper inside. Main properties of the tissue should be the most soft  and quite strength that not decay easily. Napkin is usually be seen in restaurants and hotel. Generally, it can be divided into dinner napkin, mini napkin, and cocktail napkin which have slightly different in dimension and appearance. However, all of them should be durable when it is in wet state.

Last one is Hand towel. We would never have chance to see it, unless you visit to a good public toilet which usually is located in office building, hotel, restaurant, and airport, etc. Unlike other papers, hand towel is not that soft but, such paper usually be thick that can reach enough high level of water absorbency.

In most Thai households, we usually use toilet roll paper as a substitution, from hand, moth to face. “One size fits all” is one of the motto in Thai people as it is easy to buy and save household cost from paying variable types of paper. However, as a matter of the fact that they all have different purposes and characteristics, wrong usage can increase your bills as a hidden cost. For example, when toilet paper is used as a facial paper substitution, more papers are used to clean cosmetics as toilet paper will decay and adhere on the face. Therefore, more piece of toilet paper will waste if it is used in inappropriate purpose.

Moreover, inappropriate usage behavior can lead to be harmful to your health. For example, using toilet paper as a napkin on a dinning table can cause  diarrhea because toilet roll dispenser is not in a sealed box, as a result, it can be contaminated from virus and bacteria anytime that can directly contract to alimentary canal.

Additionally, it would be a good manner to use suitable tissue paper in the right place. Thailand is one of the tourists country so there are many foreigner traveling around the country. How dose the people feel when they see Thai people use toilet paper as a napkin? We all realise that we have wonderful country with beautiful culture and tradition; thus, should we destroy them by just using inappropriate paper on the dinning table?


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