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Low-cost advertisement to right target group on Tissue paper

In Japan and many countries around the world, it is common to receive free samples of stuff to promote buying the actual thing. The costs have not stopped Japanese manufacturers from going all out to encourage potential customers.

Four billion packets of free tissues are distributed every year in Japan.  But why is it that many  Japanese organizations use tissues to promote their message? Because, in Japan, tissue-marketing is a proven and inexpensive way to advertise. For a cost of as little as ¥10 to ¥25 you can get your message directly into the hands of potential customers. What's more, consumers who accept the tissues are likely to actually read your advertisement. If you're lucky, they'll look it over several times before the tissues are used up.


Fluorescent in Recycled Toilet Paper can cause skin cancer

A recent article in Ocean Magazine carried a story about a lady last-named Huang. She conducted tests on a particular brand of tissue after feeling itchy from using it. “I felt itchy and uncomfortable after using it. So I had doubts about the sanitation conditions of the paper.” said Ms. Huang.

“I burned a piece of tissue on a white plate and I was surprised by what I saw – it turned into black ash and left a layer of a greasy and sticky thing on the plate which could not be washed away.” Huang added.

Many bathroom tissues in China are made from recycled paper. Deinking agents, softener, chlorine, talcum powder (calcium carbonate), fluorescent brighteners, dispersing agent, bleaching agents and other chemicals are often added to recycled paper to make whiter and softer tissues.

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