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Using right tissue paper can save huge costs

The demand for and consumption of tissues is mainly found in urban areas, including Bangkok and the metropolitan area. Many Thai consumers do not use different types of tissue and hygiene products such as tissues and toilet paper just for their intended purpose. Many people, especially those living in rural areas, do not mind using toilet paper for other purposes in addition to toilet use. As a result, some of them use toilet paper as a substitute for tissue products. The main factor of this choice cannot be anything else but “cost”.

Generally, tissue paper can categorised into 4 type by its usage and purpose. First of all, toilet tissue is the most commodity in the toilet. Often, we can see this type of tissue paper in cylindric dispenser on dinning table in most of local restaurants in Thailand. However, the main purpose of this paper is to wipe and clean after defecation. The main characteristic of this type should be soft  and most important must be easily decayed when it gets wet to avoid getting stuck in the toilet.

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